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We are proud to announce that we are in our 25th year of selling spudguns on the internet. 

Thanks to the thousands of satisfied customers over the years to help make our business grow. We have introduced allot of new spudders into addicted spudgun users.

Compare our products with anyone else selling spudguns on the internet and you will see our quality, features and lowest pricing.

Use of my site and products are at the users sole risk. You must be 18+ years of age to purchase any products offered on this website.

It's always nice to get email from some of our customers. Here is 2 from my latest customers.

The 6 spudguns I ordered were a hit at my party. Everyone was having fun shooting spuds into the ocean. Thanks for your quick shipping. 

Thanks so much

Hi Larry,

I cannot begin to describe to you the fun we have had with your product. I dont remember laughing that hard in my life, and it is something thats been much needed. I love every single thing about your potato gun and would not change one thing about it. My dad (Robert) ordered some other items from you earlier on this week. He said you had to make some of one item and it would only take about a half hour or so. Again, thank you for the laughs. Its the biggest stress reliever I've ever came across. TO think that a $2.98 bag of potatoes could make a person that happy its funny. Im not even a hunter or a regular shooter or nothing. The thing is just funny and it makes me laugh. The potato goes so far and high across the field you cant even see it anymore, but you can listen and hear what it hits. lol!!! Thank you Larry                       Robert

* It is your responsibility to check with your local Law Ordinance for the use and possession of these products. If these devices are not legal in your county, country, providence or state, please, do not buy or use them.

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