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* You must agree to the terms set in this legal page to purchase any products.*

These products are not a firearm, however improper use or unsafe use of these products offered on this web site, could cause harm to other beings or animals. The intent of these products are to smash the heck out of potatoes and have fun doing it.

These products are designed to withstand normal pressures that are developed when using proper propellant (such as hairspray). The use of any other type of propellant (gasoline, propane, or any other type of ignitable gas or liquid) is not recommended and could cause harm to the products and the person or persons near it during use.

By your improper use of this information or products you recognize the dangers and agree to hold me and my website harmless from any liability. I make no representation or warranty regarding results you may obtain from using any information , materials, products or services offered on my Website.

Use of my site and products are at the users sole risk. You must be 18+ years of age to purchase any the products offered on this website.

* It is your responsibility to check with your local Law Ordinance for the use and possession of these products. If these devices are not legal in your county, country, providence or state, please, do not buy them.

Please use these products with adult supervision and with all the safety and precautions as if they were real guns. 

Have fun and be safe.

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