This kit will contain 5, 1/2W,  High intensity, 5mm LED lights. All lights are pre-wired with 48" length wires and operate on 4.8Vdc, 150Mha.. 

The kit will contain one of each:
Red - flashing, 10,000 mcd.
White - flashing, 20,000 mcd.
Red - 75,000 mcd.
Green - 80,000 mcd.
White - Super High intensity landing light, 100,000 mcd.
each LED is pre-wired with 48" length of twisted wire.
Instructions for operation and using on different voltages.


To view lights installed and operational please click on link below for demonstration:

                                                                LED Demo

If you check my competition on Ebay you will see that they wont show you or tell you just how bright there lights are. They also will not tell you that most of them are 3mm or 5mm LED's and have low (5,000 - 7,000) MCD ratings. How do I know this, I asked them.

You may have noticed that I was able to turn the lights on and off by using my transmitter. See my other auctions for the RC Servo switch.

You will find navigation lights on Ebay and in catalogs. Most  light kits will cost you upwards of $40.00 for navigation lights that are not as bright.

I also offer 8mm and 10mm Nav lights that are great for larger planes.

Each light set is guarantied for 90 days against defective workmanship. MADE IN USA


Larry Barnes