This RC servo switch can be used on any un-used channel or "Y" connected to a used channel. This device is a solid-state switch that can be used to operate any 5vdc device. It could be used for a remote ignition switch, ignition kill switch, smoke pump, navigation lights, landing lights, retracts, rocket ignition, audio devices, camera and much more.

Another application when used with my Nav lights is for a transmitter range check. The switch could be used to turn on and off the navigation lights (sold on one of my other auctions). The navigation lights can be seen up to 300 ft in daylight. Allot easier than trying to see a control surface move.

This device operates and supplies the output voltage from the receiver battery pack. If you do not wish to use the receiver battery pack for powering another device or you need a different voltage, instructions are included for a easy (clip wires) modification to the output of the RC switch.

max operating switchable voltage - 30Vdc
Max operating switchable current - 5Amp
Logic voltage, 3 - 18vdc
Logic current draw - .0012Ma
Weight - .25oz / 9 gr.
Instructions for output modification included


To view operation please click on link below for demonstration:

                                                                RC Switch Demo

Why pay up to $39.95 for a device that does the same as this one. 

Save your self some money on a great MADE IN USA product.

Each RC switch  is guarantied for 90 days against defective workmanship. 

Larry Barnes