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Replacement  barrels for your Spud Gun.

6fltenter.gif (3594 bytes)   New Rifled Barrels for your spudgun.

Yes, we got them, and now you can upgrade your spudgun, air guns to the newest, hottest product ever offered. These barrels will give you better accuracy, longer distances and make your gun one step above the rest (test specifications).

These barrels are machined rifled with a 1/2 twist in 36 inches. This will rotate the spud at aprox 4800 RPM when it leaves the barrel. Like a rifle barrel this rotation will stabilize the projectile and give you up to 50% better accuracy and longer distance. The barrels have grooves machined .030", to bite into the projectile and give it it's spiral stabilization. This grooving will not weaken the barrel (pressure tested to 300 psi., without bursting)

Just like a football, the better the spiral, the better the accuracy and distance.

You can order the barrels as blank stock (no fittings) or with a 1.5" or 2" male PVC fitting with
spudstop installed on 1.5" barrels.


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