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Welcome to the Spudgun products page.  All products offered on this page are of the highest quality materials. To view the products just click on the small picture and you will see the full picture and description of the product.

gun80.jpg (1844 bytes)    Original Spud Gun with interchangeable barrels and FREE shipping.

  New "T" shirt shooter spudgun, includes wads and FREE shipping

   NEW, 3" barrel w/wads. This can be used for shooting "T" shirts or other large items. 

      Chamber extensions.  More power from your spudgun by screwing this chamber extension to the back of your spudgun.  For reference only. Item not being sold.

   OUT OF STOCK Retriever trainer. This mini tennis ball shooter was designed to be used as a dog trainer. Small enough for one hand operation and will shoot tennis balls 50 to 100 yds and FREE shipping.

 80tb.jpg (1140 bytes)   OUT OF STOCK Tennis Ball barrels. These 2.5" schedule 40 PVC barrels (non rifled) are perfect for shooting
 tennis balls into orbit. Barrels can come with a 1.5" or 2"  male PVC threaded fitting. Please  specify size.

6fltenter.gif (3594 bytes)         OUT OF STOCK  Rifled barrels. Get better distance and accuracy (see test reports) with these 1.5 and 2 inch rifled barrels.

laser80.jpg (1629 bytes)     New LASER sights. Comes complete with batteries, sight holder. Fits both 1.5" and 2" barrels. HIGH OUTPUT, <5mw.

muff80.jpg (785 bytes)    The Spud Muff, a Noise Pollution Containment Device.   

tp80.jpg (661 bytes)    TP Launcher barrel. For launching the larger items like Toilet paper rolls, grapefruit, GI Joe with his parachute.

ou80.jpg (858 bytes)     Over & Under barrel.

rock80.jpg (988 bytes)         Spud Rockets. Blast these into the night for spectacular shooting stars effects. Great for using on lakes as they will float when used with the glow sticks.

stick80.jpg (637 bytes)         Glow sticks. For several uses, they are used with the Spud Rockets for great night shooting.

wad80.jpg (785 bytes)             Plastic wads, both 1.5", 2" and 3"  wads to let you shoot other things other than just  potatoes.

bbq80.jpg (992 bytes)    Replacement Ignitor. These are the HARD to find threaded 2 pole ignitors. We got them and they have the spark gap installed. This makes them ready to go for your spudguns.

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