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Note: These devices are not toys and should be used under adult supervision at all times.

This is the Spudgun and barrel, fully assembled and ready to use. All parts made from heavy, sch 40 pvc, detachable barrel and spark ignitor installed, metal handle for easy carrying and aiming. Built to last and give many hours of great fun.
Check our guns features and compare to others offered on the internet. You will find that we offer more features and value than other imitations being offered.

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sgun1.jpg (10368 bytes) Chamber PVC rated at 220 PSI.

sgun2.jpg (15058 bytes) Barrel chamfered, to cut away excess potato and ensure a tight fit.

sgun3.jpg (8534 bytes) Ignitor sealed with rubber, to prevent HOT gas escape.

sgun4.jpg (15788 bytes) Heavy gage handle for easy aiming and carrying.

* Chamber size, 11" x 4".
* Chamber ratio, 2" barrel = 1.25:1
*Chamber ratio, 1.5" barrel = 1.6:1
* Spark ignitor w/spark gap installed.
* 6 1/2" steel carrying handle.
* Chamber cap for easy loading and cleaning.
* Interchangeable barrels.

* FREE Shipping 

Product offered:

Spudgun  w/non rifled 1.5" or 2" barrel.
Spudgun  w/rifled 1.5" or 2" barrel.
Spudgun  w/tennis ball barrel.
Spudgun w/3" "T" shirt barrel.

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