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Want a larger chamber but don't want to build another one from scratch. Use our chamber extension to give you the large volume chambers that you may need for larger barrels. 

It is a fact that the volume of your chamber and the volume of the barrel do have an effect on the velocity of your projectile. As the gasses expand in your chamber they will push and fill up the barrel area.  If the gasses quit expanding before the projectile reaches the end of the barrel then your velocity is reduced.

Too large a chamber for the barrel volume will also effect the velocity because the projectile will leave the barrel before the gasses have reached their peak expansion. This usually makes a big flame and bang.

The expansion chamber will screw into the back of your spudgun chamber and increase your chamber volume. You can remove the extension for regular size barrels.

The above picture shows the expansion chamber installed on a spudgun chamber (spudgun chamber not included)


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