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The new barrel is perfect for shooting "T" shirts. You see these "T" shirt shooter used at football, basketball, soccer games and any other large gathering that you want to launch your promotional items into the crowds or bleachers. The 3" diameter barrel in combination with the 3" plastic wads will give you the distance to get it there. 

This "T" shirt launcher spudgun uses standard fuel and does not need the expensive compressed gases that the pneumatic type guns need. This makes the spudgun easily transportable and quick to use.

Using normal fuel your distances will be from 50 to 100 yds at a 45 degree angle (temperatures, fuel and T-shirt weight may vary distance)

The barrel can be removed to use other barrels that are offered on this site.

When ordering the "T" shirt shooter, this is what you get (T shirt not included)

1, Spudgun chamber with 4" chamber cap and threaded barrel coupler.
1, 3" x 36" "T" shirt barrel with threaded coupler attached.
6, 3" plastic wads.

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