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Note: These devices are not toys and should be used under adult supervision at all times.

SPUD ROCKET operating instructions

You have just purchased the most advanced potato gun launched rocket available today. You will find that your SPUD ROCKETS  far exceeds distances regularly obtained with potatoes. These devices were originally developed to use with light sticks and for night shooting. When shot at night they will look like shooting stars and can be reused several times. For your safety here are some simple loading and firing procedures:

1. If your not using a light stick then you can just simply use the rocket as it is. The distance you achieve will be far less than with a light stick.

2. If using a light stick, tape the large end of the light stick with tape (if needed) to ensure a tight fit between the rocket body and the light stick. Then add tape around both the light stick and rocket body for approximately 1.5 inches (this is to insure that on impact the light stick is not driven into the rocket body).

3. Using the wads provided, ram one down the barrel (open end first) as you would a potato until desired depth is reached.

4. Fuel up your potato gun as if you were shooting a potato.

5. Drop the SPUD ROCKET down the barrel, It should have a snug fit. If the fit will not allow a free fall into the barrel, then use a ramrod to push down the barrel.

6. Point in a safe direction (start with HIGH elevations first, because they really go far).

7. Keep your eye on the SPUD ROCKET! Even at night it’s easy to loose sight of. The SPUD ROCKET with a attached light stick travels at a very high rate of speed and attempting to catch them is not advised! ALTHOUGH, standing down range ready to pick them up after it’s landed can be the funniest part!

8. Carefully inspect the SPUD ROCKET for damage after each flight. Check the light stick and the fins for proper alignment. Make any necessary repaired and it’s ready to fly again.

9. If your SPUD ROCKET is damaged beyond repair (like hitting a wall, landing on concrete or hard surface), Spudgun.com would like to sell you more, just drop us email for a reorder of rockets or light stick.



                    Spud Rocket and wad.                                        Insert wad open end first.


Insert Spud Rocket into barrel, on top of wad.                      

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