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        Welcome to the spudders photo page

Here you will find fellow spudders that have sent me pictures and brief explanation about their toys. Their email address will be included so you can ask them questions, give ideas or discuss your interests. To view larger pictures, click on the small one.

If you wish to join the Elite group of Crazy Spudders send me a picture. If you don't have a spudgun but want to get into the action click here SPUDGUN PRODUCTS for my product and order form. We will ship you one right to your door step, Oh yeah, SHIPPING IS FREE!  

    I have been into potato cannons for quite some time as I am now retired. My Spudzooka is a take down module with 3 barrels, one for potato's, one for D cell batteries and a bigger barrel for bigger items. I use either hair spray or right guard as the propellant. I use a 100,000V stun gun as the igniter. I can be reached at


    I used  a 1/2 inch valve for my loading of hair spray.  Pull the lever down, spray, push lever up, Pow, how neat !  I'm 69 years old and just love it.  First time out I almost shot the neighbors garage window out three lots away.  I also installed the ignigter in a screw out plug.  that also works great.  Dick in Appleton, Wi. Dick can be reached at mailto:Dick Girard <>


    I’ve been a “Spudgunner’ for more years than I want to admit…(age 66) Yet with all the Cannons/guns/pistols I have ever made. Attached is a few Pics of Pistols I’ve made.. 1 is a 1-1/2 in x 12in. Chamber, the other is a 2in. x18in. chamber , both with interchangeable barrels from 3/8in. to 2in.  Used to shoot from 40 Caliber paintballs and Darts, to Golf tee’s, Grapes, Cranberries, Crabapples, Doughballs Even “Munchkins” (dunkin Donuts) Marshmellows ect. Bill can be reached at:



    Here is my creation from back when I was in college. Soon after I went into the Marines and got to fire the AT4 rocket launcher. I love this website. The pics are great. I want to start a new project now! Brandon Veedell. Brian can be reached at:


    Hi, My name is Nathan Lovern. I had my potato gun day again this year. I had no Barney toys to shoot this time but I did have some cardboard Giants and a 6 barrel gun and my pumpkin chunker. I included some pics and hope you can put them on your wed site. Nathan can be reached at:

    Hey this is Kory Melko (16 yrs) from Binbrook Ontario, Canada. I recently read your webpage after I made my first spud gun. Thought you might like this. I painted the adapter and the tip of the barrel white and pinstriped it myself. has a 3 ft chamber and a 6 ft barrel. cost 65$ Canadian...and it kicks like a mule. goes about 450 ft- really gives er. Kory can be reached at:

    Hi! I´m Matej from Slovakia. I think that your page is great! This is photo of me and my simple, Butane fuelled  spudgun, constructed of pvc water pipes. P.S. Sorry my English is not very good. 
Matej can be reached at:

   1 gun is 3'' chamber 2'' barrel and the other is 4 '' chamber and 2'' barrel and I use lantern lighters
                        thanks Dave. Dave can be reached at:

    Hi, Could you put my spud gun on your Website my name is billy from Blandford forum UK with my 8Ltr Combustion chamber built from an old stainless commercial water softener and 30 mm barrel fired with a car coil and two champion spark plugs welded in the side. You can reach Billy at

    Sending you a picture of me and my guns. They are made of ABS because there is no PVC here in Norway. The small one has 32 mm barrel, and the big one has 50 mm barrel. They shoot potatoes about ca 200 meters. I use Axe and starter gas as propellant. I have sold some, but potato cannons are not so popular here in Norway. I like them very much. And I use them almost every day. In the winter it is problem with the ignition of the gas, so I have stopped using them in the winter time. But the rest of the year it is spud gunning every day. :-).  Rune Kobbel. To contact Rune email to:

    I am a mechanical engineering student from Munich (Germany). Here is a picture of my simple spudgun. To contact Bernhard email to:

    My name is Kyle and my friends name is Chris. This idea first came to us after we saw a historic cannon on TV. From then on we began planning the biggest gun we've made. This gun will shoot over 400 yards and is to big to hold hence the wheels. It consists of a 6 inch chamber that is about 2 feet long, from there it is broken down to a 4 inch chamber then to a 3 inch barrel that is about 5 feet long. The ignition system is a BBQ igniter that is extended away from the chamber for safety reasons. At the end of the barrel it is magnaported to reduce sound and kickback. But don't let this fool you, it's louder than a shotgun!!! It is truly a work of art.To contact Kyle email to:

    This spudgun was built by Shaun from Australia he is  16 and this is the third spud gun he has made. He shot a ball bearing into his foot by accident with it and it left an instant bruise for about a week. Shaun can be contacted at

    This spudgun has a stock that I made from an old crutch so you could look down the barrel. I've put on the crutch a flat peace of PVC so that in the future I can put some stickers on or put some advertising on. for more info you can contact owner at

    This is my kick but spud gun, uses arid and can completely decimate a plastic mailbox in a split second. I used PVC and a BBQ lighter, and rear fuel loading. Cool muzzle loading action and stylish handgrip (a medicine bottle and some duct tape). I love this thing. You can contact him at,

    My spud gun is completely home-made. it uses a 15" X 4" SCH40 PVC combustion chamber with 4" female adapter w/ screw cap, it has a 4" X 2" reducer with 4" of 2" pvc and then a 2" female adapter. this allows for multiple barrels on one combustion chamber.  I use a BBQ igniter on the handle wired to 2 machine screws inside the chamber with a 1/4 inch gap, it arcs very nicely. I use propane for fuel. I do not use a metering system even though it is much more precise metering. You can contact  Wyatt Koch <

   My name is Kalle Suurenmoinen and I live in Finland. The gun is mounted on a broken small rifle, has electric ignition system, laser pointer and electric fan system to refresh the combustion chamber with fresh air, everything works with three buttons in trigger. Barrel is removable and can be locked tightly and unlocked to reload from the front. To contact Kalle at:

    My husband heard about spud guns at work and decided to try and make one. His first creation went together quickly and used Right Guard. Attached is a picture of his latest creation held by our son Kurt. Needless to say, when he’s playing with it every kid in the neighborhood comes running with their Mom’s potatoes……. To contact for more details you can email to: Chris Meier

   One of my customers having what looks like a great time in the Nevada desert. I love the new advertising for my Weapons of Mashed Destruction. To contact Mike for more details you can contact him at:

    A friend and I have recently built our first DPSL (deodorant propelled spud launcher) and we would just like to share with you our pride and joy. We stay in South Africa where we do things a little different because Africa is not a place for Wieners. This DPSL shoots candle wax molded bullets up to 1200 feet at the right angle using deodorant as fuel. For more info contact,  Johan Labuschagne at,

    Well my name is Kenny, and the gun pictured below is "Big Bertha" has a 4" chamber and 2" barrel. Runs on 7 second injections of "Mapp gas" (in the picture) and launches rocks and whatever else will fit in the barrel. For more details you can contact,  Ken Blan at

   This is the newest edition to our spudgun collection. We use it for a paintball Shotgun. Its air powered (we use a bicycle pump), and a sprinkler valve. For more details email me at, Kevin Johnson,

     My name is Kyle and I live in Michigan. I first heard about spud guns by word of mouth, so I decided to create my own. Since then I have created a couple of spudguns, but this one is my favorite. The "terminator" is not the most powerful gun on the market but is by far the most creative in my opinion. Kyle can be reached at:

    Nathan Lovern in VA., sent us these pictures of his justification of a annoyning Barney toy. he writes, I had me Potato gun day this year. It got rained out last year. It was just me and my friend Ken and his boys. If you wish to contact Nathan

    This is Ryne's pneumatic spudgun. It has a 1.5 inch barrel that is 4 feet long and a chamber that is 3 inches in diameter and 2 feet in length. Firing pressure varies from 50 to 150psi. At 120 psi, it will shoot through 3/4 inch plywood and a range of 600 yards. Email me at for any questions"


  Nathan Lovern in Virginia, Shows his biggest one made yet. It has a 6" chamber that is 5' long and I have a 6" to 4" reducer at the end for a 4" x 4' barrel and I have a 6" barrel that is 4' long. Shoots cantaloupes, small pumpkins and pineapples.  For more info you can contact him at

    Spud gunning from down under. While we were freezing in the USA, Hamish, from New Zealand were camping and having fun. For contact email to:

    Cute little girl holding a BIG spudgun. It uses a 4 inch x 24 inch firing chamber, with a 2 inch x 72 inch barrel.  Her daddy shoots golf balls out of sight with this one.  For info contact:

cam380.jpg (2843 bytes)    Dont have much info on this cannon. Looks like a fuel type but the projectiles (I think) look deadly. For more info contact   Greg at:

stan180.jpg (1635 bytes)    Hey, my name is chris. I'm from Vermont and have a rather large arsenal of potato guns. This is photo of me and my Mammoth MkII. Suprisingly, it was my second potato gun and yet it is so advanced. To contact Chris you can reach him at:

pa80.jpg (1768 bytes) Clint Law, from Springfield, Illinois and his PHEW 2K3 (Potato High-Energy Weapon 2003). It features a 4”x24” combustion chamber, a 2”x32 barrel, dual-spark BBQ ignition system, a laser sight, and two handles for ease of use. You can contact Clint at:

80chris.jpg (2994 bytes)    Nathan Lovern, sends us a pic the big one which has a 4 ft 6in chamber and a 4in 6 ft long barrell and a 6 barrell tater gun. My brother from Buffalo holding my BIG tater gun. He shot a grapefruit from it. I put in 90 seconds of hairspray in it. It knocked him back 3 feet. He said he never shot anything with a kick like that even 6 years in the Navy. Nathan can be reached at:

8008~2.jpg (2448 bytes)    Jim, has sent us a picture of his 4th generation Hi-Tech spudgun. Version 4 as seen in the attachments has gotten a bit more serious. Removable barrels (currently one for pop cans/whole fruit and another for golf balls/spuds), propane fueled, dual chamber, remote controlled stun-gun sparker starter, with integrated stand. Its WAY overbuilt, but its fun =) Jim can be reached at: file13(at)

mes80.jpg (2308 bytes)    Michael Gardner,  just built his first spudgun. It's made from ABS using a 4"x24" gas chamber and 2"x48" barrel. In the photo is Mike and his buddy Scotch, and his "tactical" spudgun. You can reach him at,

spudgu80.jpg (1452 bytes) Tennis ball launcher and his home made spudgun in the background, for further info contact:

gun180.jpg (1752 bytes) Another home made gun, picture a little blury but nice ABS. For more info contact : "Kevin Johnson"

251880.jpg (2553 bytes) Hey its the Spudrock JR. Here is a great shot of the Spudrock's little boy holding his daddys grease gun spudgun. For further info contact:

p002280.jpg (2426 bytes) Home made gun 6" chamber with a 4 ft,   3" barrel. For more info contact: "Maggie & Nathan Lovern"

motar80.jpg (4173 bytes) This is "Gillian's TP Mortar" it's got a four inch diameter barrel with piston power so you can shoot whatever
you can fit in the tube. It's got a battery powed ignition system so you can stay 50 ft away cause it likes to bust pipe. For further info you can contact gamiller

mk801.jpg (2077 bytes)    mk802.jpg (2022 bytes)     Here are 2 young kids with some very good imagination. Looks like they have taken some PVC and with the help from Duct tape and and enthusiasm they have made a spudgun. I wonder how it works? You can email them at,

tafcan80.jpg (2811 bytes) Nice gun with a nice added handle for holding and trigger button. You can see more of these by going to his website

mvc801.jpg (2409 bytes)    mvc802.jpg (2497 bytes) This is a propane fueled tennis ball shooter made by Rudy. The barrel is made of metal and the propane tank is screwed into the bottom. He has offered his plans to and I will post them when I receive them. You can contact Rudy at,


newjo80.jpg (2271 bytes)    thenew80.jpg (2678 bytes) Two guys who built this spudgun they call the "Spudweiser". You can go to their webpage at, There site is slow loading so be patient.

ps80.jpg (2011 bytes) Hugh Mommsen from Rice Lake, WI. Uses his home made pumpkin shooter to launch 7 lb pumpkins over 1000 ft.

biggun80.jpg (1807 bytes) Well I've completed the Big One. It KICKS like a mule!!!!!! It knocked me back about a foot. I used about 15 seconds of WhiteRain hairspray and shot a plastic bottle full of powered koolaid. It went about 300 yards and hit a tree and exploded!!!!! It was awsone!!!!!! I've got to come up with some cheap ammo. Its got a 4 in barrell about 4 foot long. It has a 15 in piece of 6 in pipe. Two 6 in couplings, a 6 in cleanout cap, and a 6 to 4 in reducer.
Nathan Lovern  "Maggie & Nathan Lovern" <>

kk80.jpg (1892 bytes) Kolton Casper and his sister enjoy spudgunning in the open areas of Utah. You can reach him at the following website, .

spdcan80.jpg (3889 bytes)Here's a picture of our heavy duty cannon, firing at night. Made from welded steel and using a good old BBQ gas lighter and a little hairspray. Used to terrorise the locals and cause a ruckas. From Naughty Pat and the Pixiboy Pobble UK residents.

rk5_80.jpg (2685 bytes) Here is a recent buyer using one of my guns with a 4 ft. rifled barrel. He loves shooting over the lake and see just how far each shot will go. He claims that this is better than sex. He's from Minnesota, guess that say's something.   His email address held upon his request.

my80.jpg (2383 bytes) Check out this mobile spud shoot'n 4x4 Tank. Taking spudguns where no one has gone before. You can contact this fellow spudder at, "AJ Wells" <>. Man I thought I had seen everything. Hey, do you think this thing could be used for paint ball???

mac80.jpg (2795 bytes) Here are some fellow spudder from Canada. They have there own web site that includes other things besides spudguns (Like beer) They can be reached at, web site

bill80.jpg (4080 bytes)William Sites sends his picture of his spudgun. He has a 3" chamber and a 1.5" barrel. You can contact him at .

tpcannon80.jpg (1863 bytes) Dave Malis, shooting toilet paper soaked in Coleman lantern fuel. I bet this would of been a great night shot. email Dave at:


canpic80.jpg (1732 bytes)   Here is Dave Malis shooting his TP launcher from is designed spudgun. Great flame action, didn't tell me what he was shooting and what fuel he used but you can email him at:"

sdspex80.jpg (3781 bytes) Tim Dillion and his proud creation. Keep smiling and spudding. Timothy Dillon,

z13-80.jpg (1896 bytes) The Spudzooka air cannon. Operates on 100 psi. and uses a floating diaphragm and a quick relief valve design to fire the cannon. For further details go to my products page.

size80.jpg (2602 bytes) Randy's extra large air cannon. This is a floating valve design. To email him at .

dansgun.gif (6250 bytes) This fellow spudder used a 50KV stungun for his ignition system. Stungun is taped to the chamber and has 2 spark gaps. His design also uses detachable barrels for easy transportation.

toy780.jpg (4315 bytes)     Yes, this is a spud gun. It is guaranteed to make instant potato buds out of a potato. Picture sent by SHALAMUTA69@HOTMAIL.COM.

toy480.jpg (1308 bytes) Nice little hand held, the handle is a stun gun (about 50k) which is attached to combustion chamber and used as the ignitor. Picture sent by SHALAMUTA69@HOTMAIL.COM.

eds80.jpg (3043 bytes) Breach loaded spud gun, powered by propane/oxygen. Picture sent by Ed Goldmann,

spud80.jpg (2466 bytes) A Nitrous Oxide spud cannon gun. Sent to me by Dave Mason,


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